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The young designer Toyan also known by her middle name Lonse has studied the Arts throughout her earlier years in education. From this sound foundation she often draws upon her influences and inspiration from having a background in Fine Art and Textiles. In forging forward in her quest to exceed in her goals Lonse is embarking on her second year of studies of a BA Degree in Fashion Design at Middlesex University. In pushing through to progress with her strong passion for design Lonse has already taken it upon herself to venture into building her own independent designer label “Lonseluet” which specialises in contemporary womenswear clothing. The aim of the brand Lonseluet creates is to produce beautifully designed abstract prints and structured evening/occasional women’s wear. Lonseluet designs are influenced by identity, culture and social embodiment to which Lonse vision is to showcase her creativity to capture Art within a fashion arena. The Lonseluet label was launched in October 2014 with its first collection “Canvas Collection ss15” which was received favourably this has led to the current launch of the second collection “Secret Garden ss16.” The Collection: Secret Graden ss16 The Secret Garden collection is influenced by nature’s natural forms and interpretation of the East African Culture named the “Omo Tribe”. The tribe uses the delicacy of local plants and flowers to decorate and embrace their bodies hence embracing themselves in their environment by use of vibrate colours and shapes in painting floral patterns on their bodies of various attachments of flower/plant to adorn their bodies. The print and detailed scales of ruffled manipulation within the collection represents part of the idea of embracing a flower and the essence of adapting forms of nature to embody clothing that is captured through a sophisticated collection of women’s elegant evening wear.


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